Neptune Event Best 6.8.23

Terrific Neptune Advisors, LLC event with Reddit, Inc. CEO & Co-Founder @Steve Huffman & Harvard Business School Professor Thomas Eisenmann. Thanks to @Neptune Advisors,LLC CEO Larry Siff for the invitation to this program!

Unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to ask my question about how prepared Reddit was for the protest by subreddit moderators who were, at that point just threatening to go dark over controversial changes the platform was making.   Later 7,000 subreddits did take action by joining a two-day black-out.  According to an article in The Verge, Reddit made some concessions and “mostly, Reddit is coming out on top.”  “Mods and developers, however, say that Reddit lost in one big way: its users are really mad.”

Like every crisis, time will tell whether the platform just suffered a temporary black eye or negative impact in its developer and user base long term.


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